Méthode AMS MuCaSo

AMS MuCaSo dosing method with AMS Nitra-min
The harms of too much Nitrate in a reef tank are increased algae growth and browning of corals.
  1. Ways to avoid an excess of Nitrate

    1. Nitrogen fixation using AMS Bacti-Pro Extra
While Beneficial living bacteria are growing and multiplying by consuming carbon, they are able to fix nitrogen and to a lower portion inorganic phosphorous compounds during their cell buildup. 
Accidently free floating bacteria are then consumed by many higher organisms like sponges, corals, etc. Thus incorporating the nitrate from within those bacteria cells.
Also at the end of their lifecycle, bacteria will be skimmed out of the water column.       The nitrate within their cells goes then into the skim mate.
    1. De-nitrification using AMS Bacti-Pro Extra
Denitrifying bacteria when consuming carbon, uses Nitrogen as their oxygen source in an anaerobic environment  (dense bacterial biofilms, deep sand beds, inside of live rock)
NO3 (nitrate) is reduced to NO2 (nitrite) and then to a gaseous form of nitrogen such as N2 or N2O (nitrous oxide). 
In brief:
When carbon is limiting, bacterial growth rate slows down and metabolic functions are reduced, leading too 
AMS Nitra-min is the only perfectly balanced carbon mix (MuCaSo) to achieve and to sustain a variety of beneficial living bacteria strains into a reef tank, without foster ing too much undesired cyanobacteria.

  1. AMS Nitra-min inc/dec dosing method (for lowering nitrate levels)
It’s import to measure daily your nitrate and phosphate levels during dosage !!
    1. Increasing phase
Start dosing on the first day: 0.2 ml per 100lt
Increase the next consecutive days, with +0.2 ml per 100lt
Increased dosage on the 2nd day: 0.4 ml per 100lt
Increased dosage on the 3th day: 0.6 ml per 100lt

    1. Decreasing phase
At one day, a turning point will be appreciable.
The moment at which nitrate and phosphate levels go down.
Then it is recommended to cut the dosage amount in half.
Continue afterwards to slowly reduce every day, the dosage in the opposite way (-0.2 ml per 100lt)
Do so until nitrate levels are rising again, you have then found the daily dosage necessarily to maintain your nitrate at low levels

Do not use AMS Nitra-min in the following situations: